ccsd masked kids

ccsd masked kids

The Clark County Education Association’s (CCEA) ongoing “rolling sickouts” have come under significant legal and public scrutiny. In the latest efforts to cause mass disruptions throughout Las Vegas Valley schools, Clark County School District (CCSD) teachers, represented by CCEA, are being accused of planning to exploit COVID to facilitate illegal strikes through faked illnesses, a strategy discussed openly in various CCSD social media groups.

A preliminary injunction has been issued by a Clark County District Court judge, highlighting the “overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence” pointing to an unauthorized strike by the teachers. The injunction came in response to an emergency appeal by the Clark County School District seeking to put an end to the disruptive “rolling sickouts” which have seen a substantial number of teachers calling out sick, in turn forcing several schools to either shut down or severely limit operations.

The sickouts started on September 1 and have wreaked havoc across the district, with at least 10 schools reporting high levels of teacher absences and eight schools closing their doors due to inadequate staffing levels. The situation reached a critical point on Wednesday morning when Newton Elementary School in Henderson had to cancel classes due to a sudden spike in teacher absences, a move that happened hours before the court hearing.

But even in the face of the legal rebuff, some teachers appear to be digging in, leveraging social media platforms to incite parents to keep their children at home, effectively endorsing the unlawful strike. Screenshots from Facebook groups show teachers discussing strategies to keep the sickouts going, including pretending to be ill with COVID to exert pressure on the school system – with the ultimate goal of forcing a complete shutdown of schools.

Where is Governor Lombardo?

Nowhere to be found on the issue! Of course, he has to lay low otherwise people might start talking about his decision to funnel over 2 billion dollars into failing schools and trading votes for a stadium over kids

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