A suppliers guide to marketing to estate agents


There are many factors that can differentiate one estate agent supplier from the next, so to find clients within estate agencies, it’s best to communicate the benefits of your service/product to the right audience.

What is your area of expertise?

It is rare for estate agents to provide a full range of supporting services and products, especially for smaller, independent agencies. 

Your goal in reaching out to potential customers is to make sure you only reach out to those prospective buyers who are most likely to benefit from your services.

To find your niche and get estate agents’ attention, you need to figure out where your services fit into specific fields. That way you can compile or purchase a list of estate agents that focuses on the types of agencies that either already uses a service like yours – or could benefit from it.

Listed below are a few typical real estate suppliers:

  • Building and renovation project managers
  • Architects, who design structures and layouts
  • Real estate interior designers
  • Facility managers, who are responsible for keeping buildings running smoothly on a daily basis
  • Property managers, who monitor properties and space within shared buildings, and market their availability
  • Removal companies and storage facilities
  • Maintenance companies and workers, such as plumbers and electricians

Get to know your competitors

The next step is to research your competitors. Knowing what works and doesn’t work in your market will help you make better decisions.

Look at how local businesses within your niche market their services. You are not trying to replicate their successes but rather pinpoint their limitations. Knowing your competitors is essential to outperforming them.

Ask yourself:

  • In what ways does your competition excel?
  • What is the quality of the content on their website or blog?
  • How do they structure their email campaigns?
  • Are they targeting any particular demographics?

 Using these questions, you can assess your competition and identify any potential gaps in the market.

Become a thought leader

In any digital marketing strategy, content is incredibly effective. Adding a blog to your website can increase its search engine ranking by 434%. 

Your blog posts and other online content (short videos, social media posts, podcasts) also provide you with the chance to position yourself as a thought leader – someone an estate agency can turn to with questions, or for education on your area of expertise.

Understand the challenges that estate agents face

Although Land Registry data shows house prices remain 12.6% higher than last year, the market as a whole continues to cool.

For estate agents, this environment means that they are working harder than ever to ensure their place within the market, and need to look at solutions that help them to outshine their direct competition. 

Suppliers to estate agencies must lead with an understanding of these issues, and provide solutions, in order to capture the attention of prospects.

Inventories are declining

Rightmove data analysis from November 2022 showed that the volume of new listings entering the market had almost halved (-46%) from November of the previous year.

You cannot operate a business if you don’t have a strong inventory base, and even experienced estate agents are having difficulty finding listings in a market with low inventories. 

The task of finding sellers is especially challenging for new estate agents, whose lack of experience already makes them less attractive to property owners.

A decline in mortgage approvals

In the same report from Rightmove, the number of mortgage approvals between October and November 2022 fell to 46,075, down from 68,969 in November 2021.

There are several things for estate agents to consider as a result of this. As the number of new instructions declines, competition for new business will be intense. However, with the housing market in a state of flux between post-pandemic inflation and a cost of a living slump, what they do to entice buyers when valuing their homes is vital.

Building a marketing campaign for property agencies

When it comes to creating marketing campaigns that work, businesses must always focus on what they can offer to a potential buyer, rather than the other way around. 

In a difficult climate for estate agents, this means demonstrating your value and proposing solutions that will help them to thrive where other agencies are struggling.

Suppose an estate agent faces competition from businesses with lower fees. You may be able to offer them a way to improve their value to buyers so that they can create an appealing offer without having to cut their own fees.

So, how can marketers find their target audience for this campaign?

With More Than Words Marketing, businesses can access national and high street estate agent contact information and generate leads in the following areas:

  • property management services,
  • mortgage brokers, client money protection, debt collection, and solicitor services
  • furniture wholesalers,
  • Energy Performance Certificate suppliers,
  • landlords
  • marketing services, and
  • software suppliers.

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Top 5 Stories on Brownstoner This Week: A Detail-Filled Boerum Hill Row House on the Market

A Magnus Dahlander-Designed Brownstone in Park Slope and Two More to See, Starting at $1,999,999

Our picks for open houses to check out last weekend were found in Gowanus, Park Slope, and Kensington. They range in price from $1,999,999 to $5.496 million.


macon hardware exterior

The family-owned business has been in operation since at least 1930. Photo by Anna Bradley-Smith

‘Breaks My Heart’: Macon Hardware Is Being Sold After Decades in Hayes Family

Macon Hardware, one of Bed Stuy’s longest standing Black-owned businesses – and longest-standing businesses in general – will close its doors following the death of its matriarch Clara Hayes who worked at the store for more than 70 years. The building, which houses Macon Hardware, vintage clothing store Catcistas, and Bey’s Barbershop, has been put on the market, building owner and Clara’s son Warren Hayes told Brownstoner.

living room

Singular Fort Greene Condo With Vaulted Ceiling, Stained Glass, Terrace Asks $6,450 a Month

A vaulted ceiling, rose window, marble counter, spiral stairs, and built-ins are some of the features of this unusual condo for rent in a former chapel in the Fort Greene Historic District. Located at 264 Cumberland Street, The Sanctuary went condo in 2008 with 13 units spread over four stories.

parlor with plasterwork and marble mantel

Boerum Hill Row House With Plasterwork, Moldings, Wide-Plank Floors Asks $3.995 Million

For an old house lover who doesn’t mind putting in a bit of work, this 1850s Boerum Hill row house has an abundance of well-cared-for period details like marble mantels, plasterwork, and wide-plank floorboards still in place. The two-family at 194 Dean Street hasn’t been on the market in decades, and the prime original details are mixed with kitchens that likely need updates and wallpaper and carpet that might not be to every taste.

living room with bay window

Spacious Bay Ridge Apartment With Stained Glass, Dining Room, Office Asks $2,800

This floor-through in a bow-fronted house in Bay Ridge appears well kept and bigger than most. It’s on the top floor of an Edwardian two-family with stained glass windows at 316 80th Street.

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Check Out These 5 Tacoma Museums if You’re New to the City

Tacoma, WA, is a city known for its rich history and vibrant arts and culture scene. One of the best ways to explore and learn about the city’s history and culture is through its many museums. Here are five must-see museums in Tacoma that offer something for everyone. Whether you just moved into a South End apartment or bought a home in Hilltop, the abundance of museums is one of many reasons you’ll love Tacoma.

foss waterway tacoma

Tacoma Art Museum: 

The Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) is a museum in Tacoma that is dedicated to showcasing the work of regional, national, and international artists. The museum’s collection includes over 6,000 objects, including paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs, with a focus on American art from the Northwest. The museum’s permanent collection includes works by artists such as Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, and Kenneth Callahan, as well as contemporary artists such as Patti Warashina, Fay Jones, and Michael Spafford.

TAM also has a variety of temporary exhibitions throughout the year, as well as educational programs and events for visitors of all ages. The museum’s education and community programs include tours, lectures, workshops, and special events. The museum’s building, designed by the architect Arthur Erickson, is considered a work of art in itself and is a popular destination for architectural enthusiasts. The Tacoma Art Museum is a cultural gem of Tacoma and a popular destination for art lovers and families.

retro car with leather seats

LeMay – America’s Car Museum

The LeMay Museum, also known as America’s Car Museum, is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history and cultural impact of the automobile. The museum’s collection includes over 350 vehicles, ranging from vintage cars and motorcycles to race cars and trucks. The collection spans more than a century of automotive history, and some of the featured cars are considered rare and valuable. Many of the vehicles in the collection are in working condition and are used in the museum’s special events.

The LeMay Museum also features interactive exhibits, educational programs, and events such as car shows and races. The museum’s building is over 165,000 square feet and features a large atrium, several exhibit halls, a theater, and a library. The LeMay Museum is considered one of the country’s premier automobile museums and a popular destination for car enthusiasts, history buffs, and families. The museum’s collection is a testament to the American love for cars and offers a unique and enjoyable way to explore the history and evolution of the automobile.

Children’s Museum of Tacoma: 

The Children’s Museum of Tacoma is dedicated to providing hands-on, interactive learning experiences for children and families. The museum features various exhibits designed to spark children’s curiosity and creativity and encourage them to explore the world around them. Exhibits include hands-on art, science, and technology activities, as well as interactive displays that focus on history, culture, and the environment. The museum also offers a variety of educational programs, workshops, and classes for children of all ages, as well as special events and activities throughout the year.

One of the museum’s most popular features is the “Build It!” exhibit, which allows children to use real tools to build and create their own projects. Other exhibits include “Water Ways,” an exhibit that allows children to explore the science of water and its importance, and “Our Town,” an exhibit that teaches children about their community and how it functions. The Children’s Museum of Tacoma is a popular destination for families with young children, and it is dedicated to providing an engaging and fun learning experience for all visitors.

chihuly glass scupture

Museum of Glass: 

The Museum of Glass is a museum dedicated to the art and history of glass. The museum’s collection includes over 4,000 objects from ancient to contemporary glass art and features works by renowned glass artists from around the world. The museum’s exhibitions focus on the glass medium, its history, and its impact on art and culture. Visitors can also watch live glassblowing demonstrations in the museum’s Hot Shop, where artists create one-of-a-kind pieces. These live demonstrations are popular among visitors and allow them to see the glassblowing process up close.

The Museum of Glass also has an extensive education program, with classes and workshops for both children and adults, as well as a permanent collection of contemporary glass art. The museum’s building is also a work of art designed by the architect Arthur Erickson. The building’s iconic cone-shaped structure, which houses the Hot Shop, is visible from miles away and is a popular Tacoma landmark. The Museum of Glass is a popular destination for art lovers, families, and anyone interested in the history and art of glass. If you live in Tacoma, you absolutely must visit this local institution.

Washington State History Museum: 

The Washington State History Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of the state of Washington. The museum’s collection includes over 80,000 artifacts and archives, including objects, photographs, and documents that tell the story of the people, places, and events that have shaped the state’s history. The museum’s permanent exhibits cover a wide range of topics, including the state’s Native American heritage, the region’s economic history, and the impact of transportation and technology on the state’s development.

The Washington State History Museum also features a variety of temporary exhibitions throughout the year, as well as educational programs and events for visitors of all ages. The museum’s building is a modern, state-of-the-art facility designed to provide visitors an engaging and interactive experience. The Washington State History Museum is a popular destination for history buffs, families, and anyone interested in learning more about the state of Washington and its rich past.

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How Property Managers Can Unlock Proptech’s Potential

RiverRock strives to balance tech tools and the human element at its office properties, such as 1100 Broadway in Oakland. Image by Jason O’Rear, courtesy of RiverRock Real Estate Group.

One of the most important tools in an office property manager’s belt is the technology that fulfills day-to-day duties and plays a long-term administrative role. What is most important to using these tools effectively, experts say, is a strategic approach that allows a manager to balance multiple responsibilities while also maximizing the tenants’ experience and satisfaction.

Tenant autonomy

David Himmel. Image courtesy of Jamestown

As they implement diverse technologies, property managers share a goal of balancing a smooth tenant experience with effective operations for managers themselves. For David Himmel, managing director & COO at Jamestown Real Estate Services, this has branched into three distinct categories of proptech adoption, governed by simplicity and ease of access. “The first category is creating a frictionless tenant experience, the second is how we build efficiency [and] drive NOI and the third is how we leverage big data to draw insights and improve the performance of our portfolio,” Himmel told Commercial Property Executive.

In keeping with this approach, Jamestown has taken to piloting numerous software applications across one or two properties, and, if they work, using them across their management operations. As Himmel summed up the process: “Pilot, test and iterate. When it works, scale it to the portfolio.”

READ ALSO: Building an Effective Commercial Property Management Team

At the Innovation and Design Building in Boston, Jamestown piloted various property management programs. Image courtesy of Jamestown

For instance, to address the goal of creating a seamless experience for the tenant, the firm has adopted the HqO platform, born of a successful pilot program in the firm’s management of the Innovation and Design Building in Boston’s Seaport District. The move streamlined the firm’s operations at the property and enabled tenants to play an active role in its employment, from delegating access control and reserving meeting rooms to more mundane tasks, such as ordering lunch.

At the core was a desire to encompass the building’s management operations within a single tool, and to give tenants significant autonomy and flexibility. “It enables tenants to be part of the building community, [giving] them, a frictionless experience as they move throughout the building,” Himmel said.

Bill Klump. Image courtesy of JLL

Bill Klump, a vice president & general manager at JLL, sees value in using a singular application or programming interface to manage a property. That translates to both streamlining management operations and making the tenants’ lives easier. Additionally, Klump sees it as an industry-wide trend.

“In a traditional sense, you have your work order system and your access control system, [and] tying it into one app has not only been helpful for tenants to utilize, but for our property management team as well,” Klump told CPE. “A lot of these building apps are getting developed out of a need for consolidation and efficiency.” Such a mindset allows Klump’s team to understand the broader aspects of managing a property as they oversee its day-to-day operations.

That principle is demonstrated in the team’s management of 167 Green Street in Chicago, where different, more isolated applications are integrated into a shared application program interface operated by Sharry. The software serves as a central platform for the firm’s other proptech platforms and points of tenant contact, which in turn provide the property’s occupants with more of a say in their day-to-day operations. “They’re the ones actually doing this, and they’re able to program and do it immediately, not waiting for us to respond,” Klump noted.

For work order management, the JLL team uses Prism, a platform created by Building Engines, which JLL acquired in 2021. C•CURE software activates access control badges for its properties. From assigning parking spots to creating guest passes, the tenants have significant autonomy in how they use their space, being able to do it all from one consolidated system.

Assisting, not replacing

Gail Ringer. Image courtesy of RiverRock Real Estate Group

In addition to using proptech to maximize efficiency and tenant experience, equally important is a recognition of the role it plays in traditional property management functions. In other words, technology should help, but not replace, the human elements of property management. As RiverRock Real Estate General Manager Gail Ringer put it, “These tools help us do our job, but there is still a lot of face-to-face communication with our staff and tenant customers to keep those relationships going. The tech portion supports what we do and makes it easier.”

Austin Brown. Image courtesy of RiverRock Real Estate Group

Toward that end, the firm has selected technology that streamlines inspecting and databasing, and makes those tasks more convenient, but does not attempt to take them over. For RiverRock, the technologies, be it Nexus for accounting, ComfortIQ for energy and HVAC management or HappyCo for property inspection inherent usefulness in the more hands-on, day-to-day tasks. As Operations Manager Austin Brown observed, “Everyone is talking about AI taking over, but you have to have boots on the ground, you have to touch and feel the property, (and) you need to get a good sense of what’s going on.”

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Townstone wins order to dismiss CFPB’s redlining lawsuit 

A federal judge in Illinois ruled in favor of Townstone Financial Inc. and its owner, Barry Sturner, on a motion to dismiss with prejudice a redlining lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). 

In July 2020, the CFPB filed a lawsuit accusing the nonbank retail lender of discouraging prospective African American borrowers in the Chicago metropolitan area from applying for mortgages. 

Townstone filed the motion to dismiss in October 2020, which was granted on Friday by Judge Franklin U. Valderrama in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division. 

The CFPB declined to comment on the decision, for which it can appeal.  

Starting as early as 2014, Townstone marketed its services through its radio show and podcast. The lawsuit brought to light comments made by Sturner on the show, referring to majority-African-American neighborhoods as the “jungle,” “scary,” and places where you “drive very fast,” and “you don’t look at anybody or lock on anybody’s eyes.” 

In a statement to HousingWire, Sturner said, “Townstone does not discriminate and no one has ever complained about anything Townstone said on its radio show.” 

The lawsuit also includes data showing that Townstone drew about 2,700 applicants from 2014 to 2017, with only 1.4% of the total coming from African American residents in the Chicago metropolitan area. During the same period, Townstone drew an average of five or six applications each year for properties in majority African American neighborhoods, despite such neighborhoods accounting for 13.8% of the Chicago metropolitan area.  

According to the CFPB, the lender’s acts and practices allegedly violated the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), Regulation B and the Consumer Financial Protection Act. 

The ECOA, enacted in 1974, states it “shall be unlawful for any creditor to discriminate against any applicant, with respect to any aspect of a credit transaction—on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status, or age.” 

Congress directed the Federal Reserve Board, consequently the CFPB, to make regulations to carry out the purposes of the ECOA. 

It resulted in Regulation B, which says, “A creditor shall not make any oral or written statement, in advertising or otherwise, to applicants or prospective applicants that would discourage on a prohibited basis a reasonable person from making or pursuing an application.” 

According to Townstone, the CFPB, through its lawsuit, “improperly attempts to expand the ECOA’s reach beyond the “express” and “unambiguous” language of the statute. 

Defendants said the ECOA regulates behavior toward credit applicants. It does not regulate behavior relating to “prospective applicants who have not yet applied for credit.”  

In his decision, Judge Valderrama said, “the CFPB cannot amend its pleading in a way that would change the language of the ECOA.” 

Steve Simpson of the Pacific Legal Foundation, who acted as counsel for Townstone, said in a statement to HousingWire that “no agency, including CFPB, has the authority to rewrite a law prohibiting discrimination against credit applicants into one that attempts to prohibit non-discriminatory conduct and speech.”

“Unfortunately, we had to spend years fighting CFPB over a case that should never have been brought. Hopefully, the court’s decision will prevent others from having to endure what we have,” Sturner said.

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Trumark Homes snags 30-acre Livermore site entitled for more than 400 homes

The site was previously entitled by another homebuilder that could not come to an agreement with the property’s long time owner. It’s been eyed for residential redevelopment for two decades.

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Amerant Mortgage launches Midwest hub in St. Louis, Missouri

Florida’s largest community bank, Amerant Bank, continues to grow the national footprint of its mortgage subsidiary, Amerant Mortgage, through acquisitions.

In these times, double down — on your skills, on your knowledge, on you. Join us August 8-10 at Inman Connect Las Vegas to lean into the shift and learn from the best. Get your ticket now for the best price.

Florida’s largest community bank, Amerant Bank, continues to grow the national footprint of its mortgage subsidiary, Amerant Mortgage, by acquiring F&B Financial Group in St. Louis, Missouri, to launch a Midwest hub.

Chris Fox, president of F&B Financial, will remain with Amerant Mortgage in a sales leadership role to continue growing the retail mortgage banking footprint, the companies said Thursday.

Tony Eelman

“For Amerant Mortgage, the Midwest was the perfect move, as it provides geographic diversity and an opportunity to partner with a well-respected market leader,” said Tony Eelman, president of Amerant Mortgage, in a statement.

Launched as a joint venture in 2021 with former City National Bank executives Howard Levine, Tony Eelman, Marshall Martin and Joe Keel, Amerant Mortgage is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Amerant Bancorp Inc.

Amerant Mortgage expanded its footprint in late 2021 with the $1 million acquisition of Boise, Idaho-based First Mortgage Company Inc., which provides nationwide support of Amerant’s mortgage clients and referral partners. Amerant Mortgage then hired a team of industry veterans to expand its wholesale lending channel.

Amerant Mortgage employs 43 mortgage loan officers, up from 27 in May 2022, according to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. It also sponsors another five. Amerant Mortgage is licensed in Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

Amerant Bank, which operates 23 banking centers — 16 in South Florida and seven in the Houston area — employs 153 registered mortgage loan originators, up from 139 in May 2022.

In its latest quarterly earnings report, parent company Amerant Bancorp Inc. said it purchased $413 million in loans through Amerant Mortgage in 2022, including loans originated and purchased from different channels.

Amerant Mortgage turns profitable

Stand-alone net income, Amerant Mortgage, including mortgage servicing rights income from affiliate | Source: Amerant Bancorp Inc. investor presentation 

After posting losses in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, Amerant Mortgage has generated positive stand-alone net income for three consecutive quarters. During the quarter ending Dec. 31, Amerant Mortgage generated $911,000 in stand-alone income, after factoring in $1.68 million in income from mortgage servicing rights.

Although mortgage loan applications declined 37 percent from the first quarter to the fourth, when 184 loan requests came in, Amerant Mortgage slashed operating expenses by 23 percent to $2.27 million. As of Dec. 31, Amerant Mortgage employed the equivalent of 68 full-time employees, down from a peak of 79 at the end of March. As of Jan. 12, Amerant Mortgage had 88 mortgage applications totaling $63.6 million pending.

Amerant Bank has also been working to raise its profile by partnering with the University of Miami athletic department in April and inking sponsorship deals with two professional sports teams in July — the Miami Heat NBA franchise and the Florida Panthers NHL team.

Jerry Plush

“We’re excited to not only be able to say we’re the official bank of the Panthers but to also have them as one of our newest customers,” Amerant Chairman and CEO Jerry Plush said on a call with investment analysts. “And the same goes for our partnership with the Miami Heat. Banking with us is an essential part of these partnerships.”

Plush said Amerant Bank has received approval from federal banking regulators to open two new full-service banking centers — one in Key Biscayne, Florida, and another in Ft. Lauderdale — later this year.

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Watch CNBC’s full interview with PNC CEO Bill Demchak on mortgage market



Bill Demchak, PNC CEO, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss the jobs report, the likelihood of a recession and the state of the economy and consumer.


2 hours ago

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California Pizza Kitchen founder lists Beverly Park estate for $48.5 million

The house that pizza built is hitting the market in Beverly Crest, where a French Normandy-style mansion owned by California Pizza Kitchen co-founder Larry Flax just surfaced for sale at $48.5 million.

Flax co-founded the restaurant chain in 1985, and records show he picked up the property newly built seven years later.

Spanning nearly three acres, the compound sits in coveted Beverly Park, a gated community within Beverly Crest, one of the ritziest enclaves in all of Southern California where stars such as Magic Johnson, Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone have owned homes. The cheapest option currently up for sale in the neighborhood is $33 million; the most expensive — Mark Wahlberg’s place — is asking $79.5 million.

Flax’s home is a European-inspired showplace filled with marble and stone. It holds five bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms across more than 14,000 square feet. The guesthouse adds a pair of bedrooms and bathrooms in 1,400 square feet.

A motor court marks the entry, leading into dramatic spaces such as a golden-domed foyer with a sweeping staircase, a French-style library lined with wood and a formal dining room with coved ceilings and hand-painted walls.

Another highlight comes in the limestone-clad family room, which features a marble fireplace and built-in bar. It overlooks a backyard complete with a tennis court, rose garden, 70-foot-long swimming pool and reflecting pool anchored by a statue of the Greek mythological figures Daphne and Apollo.

Linda May of Carolwood Estates and Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker Realty hold the listing.

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Luxury Real Estate Headlines: First Week in February 2023

Highlights from this week’s top news stories on luxury and global real estate, art, collectibles, and home.

Dorado, Puerto Rico | Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty

If it sells for its asking price, the house will be the priciest ever to trade in the U.S. territory.

A $44.95 Million Home Lists in Puerto Rico, as Property Prices There Reach New HeightsThe Wall Street Journal

Inside A $23 Million Hawaiian Home With High-Fashion Touches And Immaculate ViewsForbes

Jim Carrey Lists L.A. Home of 30 Years for $28.9 MillionThe Wall Street Journal

A Tiny Skyscraper Lists for $1.5M in a Japanese ForestDwell

La Villa D’Epoca in Vendita Nel Cuore Della Milano Più ModernaElle Decor

Don Chapell home in Sarasota, FloridaArchitectural Digest

On the Market: A Seaside Midcentury, a Palm Springs Retreat, and More Great Homes for Sale This WeekDwell

Hot property: five homes for sale in BostonFinancial Times

In the Same Family for Four Generations, a Waterfront Rhode Island Mansion Has Sold for $15 Million – Mansion Global

Real estate in Asia: 5 top property trends to watch in 2023Tatler

Texas Ranch With Hundreds of Exotic Animals Lists for $60 MillionThe Wall Street Journal

Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s Former Cairo Villa Lists for $7 MillionMansion Global

CEO Philip White: Sotheby’s ‘has always operated from a position of strength’Real Estate News

Today’ Co-Anchor Savannah Guthrie Lists New York Condo for $7.1 Million – The Wall Street Journal

Joan Didion’s Apartment Is for SaleCurbed 

Peek Inside the Colorful NYC Loft That’s Home to the Owner of Cubbyhole  – Apartment Therapy

An Equestrian’s Dream in Wellington’s Palm Beach PointBehind the Hedges

$1.6 Million Homes in CaliforniaThe New York Times

Forget Florida—South Carolina Low Country Is the Top U.S. Luxury-Home MarketMansion Global

One-Floor Living on a Lovely Pond: Falmouth Contemporary Home for Sale at $1.1MCape Cod Times

$1.6M Texas Hotel Is Looking for a Buyer To Check InRealtor.com

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