Vegas Cyberattack

Vegas Cyberattack

Over the last few days, Caesars Entertainment has been busy trying to cover up the fact that they were also hacked as part of a growing cyber-campaign against Las Vegas Casino corporations. Today we learned that  Caesars Entertainment failed to adequately protect its customers’ sensitive data.

Despite their initial denials and attempts to cover up the hack, it happened: the personal details of members enrolled in Caesars’ loyalty program, including driver’s license and Social Security numbers, are now in possession of cyber hackers and organized crime groups.

Caesars Entertainment Has Known FOR WEEKS that customer Data was Stolen and SAID NOTHING!!!!

A report released to the Securities and Exchange Commission, detailed the criminal activity that went undetected until September 7. They have yet to publicly tell their customers!

“After detecting the suspicious activity, we quickly activated our incident response protocols and implemented a series of containment and remediation measures to reinforce the security of our information technology network,” officials wrote in the report, which was released today. “The attack happened Sept. 7, they said. “As a result of our investigation, on September 7, 2023, we determined that the unauthorized actor acquired a copy of, among other data, our loyalty program database, which includes driver’s license numbers and/or social security numbers for a significant number of members in the database”

“We also launched an investigation, engaged leading cybersecurity firms to assist, and notified law enforcement and state gaming regulators,” the company said.

Las Vegas in Chaos: Casino Giants’ Neglect Extends from Streets to Cyberspace

With properties including Caesars Palace, Horseshoe, Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Flamingo, and LINQ, the corporate giant apparently chose to pay a staggering ransom nearing $30 million to stop ransomware that insiders say infiltrated their network. Their incompetent companions, MGM Resorts International, are faring even worse, grappling with a system-wide breakdown that paralyzed card transactions, slot machines, guest check-ins, and computer systems at MGM Resorts properties. MGM customers are also reporting a possible breach in data, with hundreds reporting unauthorized charges showing up on their bank statements over the last couple of days.

But, as infuriating as this lack of proper cyber security protocols and protections is, it’s simply the latest disgrace in a growing list of failures. Step foot on the Strip, and you’ll witness a city unraveling at the seams — homeless encampments expanding, violence becoming a daily headline, rioting inside casinos, and the disgusting infestation of bed bugs and outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease. And yet, here we are, entrusting the same corporations with our personal and financial data. What the hell is going on?

Amid this backdrop of chaos, no one seems to be doing anything to rehabilitate the disastrous image Las Vegas has obtained over the last couple of years.

It’s just another unprecedented disaster for a city already buckling under mismanagement and decline. Our beloved Las Vegas, once a beacon of luxury, business travelers and conventions, is now a cesspool of disorder, struggling under the watch of corporations more interested in lining their pockets and pushing left-wing political agendas than safeguarding the well-being of their customers and the community.

Where is the corporate responsibility they keep blabbering on about while promoting their social justice politics? This is not just about stolen data; it is a scathing indictment of casino corporations prioritizing profit and politics over people, completely disregarding the havoc unfolding in the streets and now, in the virtual world.

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