Vegas Police

Vegas Police

Shootings outside Billion Dollar Casinos, Rioting inside Concert Venues, and Gangland Rappers Assaulting their own Fans… Welcome to the new Las Vegas Experience!

In what is becoming an everyday occurrence now in Las Vegas, mass violence once again broke out throughout the Las Vegas Strip this weekend as MGM Resorts and Caesars Palace brought in multiple convicted felons and criminal rappers in an effort to cater to the same ghetto people destroying our city.

As we covered over the weekend, Cardi B – a woman who admits to drugging and robbing men – assaulted a fan and a DJ at Drai’s inside the Cromwell. That same night multiple fights and mini-riots broke out inside of Mandalay Bay, and a person was Shot in front of Caesars Palace.

Of course, this is only a fraction of the chaos that happened, as we received multiple tips about fights up and down the Las Vegas Strip throughout the weekend.

Why are Casino Executives Catering to Criminals?

While the media desperately tried to cover up what happened at the Cardi B Concert this weekend, we have learned that on top of inviting a woman who admits to drugging and robbing men for fun, Caesars Entertainment also invited a violent criminal rapper by the name of Moneybagg Yo, a criminal that as we reported back in 2020 was involved in a massive gang shootout at the Aria.

Why would these casinos invite people they know were involved in massive gang shootouts and violence in our city to perform (lipsync) inside of Las Vegas casinos?

What the local media will not show you!

Here is just a small amount of the chaos we have covered over the last couple of months.

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Mike McNamara

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