Wall almirah design for living room 01

We want our living rooms to be equipped with a wide range of features that make life more convenient and exciting in today’s world. The almirah layouts for your living area may provide a whole new depth to the decor. Beautiful almirahs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing are essential for any home.


Living room almirah designs: Alcove almirahs for storage

Wall almirah design for living room 01


Almirahs placed above the ground may be the best option to preserve as much floor space as possible in a tiny living room.

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Living room almirah designs: A mid-century charming sideboard almirah

Wall almirah design for living room 02


This wall almirah design for the living room works well in contemporary and traditional decors. You can also try the iron sliding door almirah. When it comes to organising their possessions, they often have the correct amount of storage. There are several ways to use the furniture’s large top, including displaying mementos and other artwork. 

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Living room almirah designs: Spacious mirror almirah shelves in the family room

Wall almirah design for living room 03


Mirrors placed behind open almirah shelves in a living room provide the illusion of more brightness and width. Reflecting sunlight from the mirrors in your living room creates a calming atmosphere in the area and makes this living room almirah design appear magical.


Small almirah surrounding the living room’s fireplace

Wall almirah design for living room 04


Wall almirahs may be placed on each side of a fireplace if you have one in your living room. You’d have plenty of room to put books and mementos on display this way. When it comes to usefulness and elegance, this living room almirah design is ideal.


A custom-made wall almirah constructed from a television cabinet

Wall almirah design for living room 05


To meet your storage needs, you may choose this custom wall almirah design for the living room that provides a large storage capacity that may transform a living area by adorning an entire wall.


Living room almirah designs: Accentuating a white living room with colour

Wall almirah design for living room 06


To make your living space more interesting, you may employ bright paints. To make the living room almirah design seem more spacious, the shelves may be built so that they retreat into the wall, and the exterior of the almirah could be painted in a colour that complements the surroundings of the living area. The almirah may then be embellished with appealing motifs and colours that complement its surroundings.


Creating a living room almirah that complements the room’s current decor

Wall almirah design for living room 07


There are likely to be nooks and crannies in an older home that may be used for storage. The room may have unsightly nooks and crannies or crooked bookcases. To make a living room almirah design with a unique storage area, you may cleverly change existing storage spaces.


A space-saving almirah for a compact living room

Wall almirah design for living room 08


A wall almirah, for example, may be used to provide the illusion of more space in a tiny room. It would not occupy a large amount of visual space. It is nothing more than an optical illusion designed to make a relatively small area more prominent.


Taking advantage of a living room’s niche space

Wall almirah design for living room 09


A mini-library may be readily created in an uncomfortable or abandoned part of your living area. To showcase all of your catalogues, build a fully accessible almirah. Shelves may be constructed of timber or plywood and mounted straight to the wall for a sleek look.


A stunning shelving unit with a simple geometric form

Wall almirah design for living room 10


An eye-catching and modern shelf unit may be built in the nook of your living area. Brass or other material may make this into a pure triangular form. In addition to exhibiting books, this shelf unit may also store other items.


Custom book shelving made to your specifications.

Wall almirah design for living room 11


Multiple shelves for showcasing collectibles, souvenirs, and books are possible with these custom bookshelves constructed of engineered wood. A wooden wardrobe can be designed and assembled on the site. The top of the furniture has an open frame, while the bottom has a hidden storage compartment.


Multifunctional almirah for living room storage

Wall almirah design for living room 12


The living area would benefit from adding a beautiful almirah in a modular design. In addition to providing enough storage, this living room almirah design also enhances the living area’s look. 


Including an ornately decorated cabinet in your living room

Wall almirah design for living room 13


It’s a freestanding almirah that may be utilised as a small home office without being seen. The almirah’s glass doors would allow the glassware housed within to be seen. Inside, LED lights may be installed.


Making a cable management unit for the living room

Wall almirah design for living room 14


One of the most important aspects of a contemporary interior is innovation. When you turn on the TV or set-top box, you will see multiple wires running from the Wi-Fi router to the tv and set-top box. To keep all of these unsightly connections concealed, you may construct a storage unit that covers the cables while also providing storage space.

Stand alone bedroom almirah

Standalone Almirah

Source: Pinterest

A standalone bedroom almirah is a good option that can be moved around the room, whenever you feel the need to change the décor of the room.

Minimalist wooden almirah

minimalist almirah

Source: Pinterest

 Minimalist wooden almirah are apt for people who don’t believe in accumulating things. It gives a clutter free look to the room.


Glass almirah with wood panel design

Almirah design glass

Source: Pinterest

Glass almirah with wood panel design makes up for a chic sophisticated look. While the look of its super rich, one has to always maintain it neat and clean or else, it will be an eye sore in the room.


Toss on a dramatic texture to living room shelves

Wall almirah design for living room 15


Many of us are hesitant to use bright colours in our modest living rooms because we are concerned about seeming out of place. Install shelving on a family room wall and paint them in bright, eye-catching hues to make them stand out.


What is the difference between a cupboard, a closet and an almirah?

A cupboard is a furniture category inside which things are stored and it is secured by a door. A closet and Almirah are types of cupboard.

What are the various materials that can be used to make an almirah?

Almirah can be made using wood, glass, mirror and veneers,

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