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What is 7/12?

The 7/12 utara/ 7/12 online Maharashtra or satbara utara is an extract from a land register, maintained by each district in Maharashtra which gives complete details of a particular plot. 7/12 online is available on Mahabhulekh.

7/12 extract is made of two village forms- Form VII and Form XII and thus the name.  Taken from Maharashtra land records register, 7 12 utara has extensive information about land in any part of Maharashtra. The 7/12 utara is maintained as ROR (record-of-right) by Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers (Preparation and Maintenance), Rules 1971.

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Mahabhulekh: 7/12 online Maharashtra portal

Mahabhulekh or Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilek is a land record document that provides all plot related information in Maharashtra.  It gives detailed information on plots including the ‘7/12 utara’ and 8A extract to citizens as 7/12 online. One can access the eMahabhulekh document easily on the Mahabhulekh website. It is also known as utara, satbara or apna khata.

Maha abhilekh can be accessed on bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in. Mahabhulekh 7/12 is a one-stop platform for searching, downloading, printing and extracting land documents in the state. 7/12 and 8A documents on Maha abhilekh are important to verify the past ownership and disputes over the land.

While people are aware about rules related to buying a flat or an apartment, what are the rules to be followed if you want to buy a plot in Maharashtra?  ‘7/12 utara’ or ‘Satbara utara’ (7/12 extract) in Mahabhulekh is a crucial document. In fact, the Mahabhumi 7/12 online Maharashtra document is crucial for the establishment of ownership of a piece of land. The 7 12 utara is extensively used by farmers, for loan agreements, crop survey and for availing of other government facilities.

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7/12 utara online as seen in Mahabhulekh is issued by the revenue department, through the tahsildar. Mahabhulekh 7/12 shows the village form number. Like all other record of rights, the 7/12 utara online in Mahabhulekh 7/12 contains crucial information about the land, including the survey number, the area, the owners, their share in the land, encumbrances on the land, etc.

Mahabhulekh 7/12 allows the land owners in Maharashtra to search and check land records and to get a copy of the 7/12 online, by paying a nominal fee. Property owners can download the digital 712 utara and 8A extracts and property cards from digitalsatbara.mahabhumi.gov.in which could be used for legal verification, as well.

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7/12 utara changes in format

The Maharashtra government also has changed the format of the 7/12 online document to avoid duplication and forgery. The 7/12 utara document will now have a land record department watermark and the state government’s logo. Satbara will also have the name and code of the village and the last entry of the landowner will be struck out. There are a total of 12 changes in the new format of 7/12 utara which are being implemented to weed out forgery in a land transaction.

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As part of the new format, 7/12 utara includes a new section that has the village name and the village code. Land owners who are in yellow category or construction zone from the green category will  be now  given the property card in place of the satbara extract.  Also, going forward, RERA Maharashtra registered properties will be given the property card. This is a new 7/12 initiative as till now only land owners on whose land property was built had the property card. With this initiative, the property owners also will have property cards.

The 7/12 online document will have the local government’s directory code, the total area of that survey number and will also showcase pending mutation and last mutation number. The 7/12 utara Maharashtra document will also mention the purpose of land.

While earlier changes in the revenue documents required the people to go to the government office, now, provisions to change the same online have been introduced to save time and be transparent. There are also plans to make available the revenue leaflets online very soon. Under the new 7/12 utara online format, farmers can also click and upload photos of their crops from their mobile phones, eliminating the need for a Talatha to go to the farm. Note that if a person has land at four places, he will be given only one satbara utara. Also, in the new 7/12 online Maharashtra format, people can access all changes made from 2008, digitally on 7 /12 utara.

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7/12 online: Information included

Form VII in 7/12 online of the Mahabhulekh has details such as the rights record, occupants’ details, ownership details, tenant information, revenue obligation of the holders and other details related to the land. Form XII in 7/12 online contains details related to crops, its type and area covered by the crops.

Note that the 712 utara extract on the Mahabhulekh is not a conclusive document to prove ownership, but it is only a record to ascertain revenue liability. The title of the property cannot be transferred, on the basis of a 7/12 extract.

Mentioned below are the information included in 712 utara

  • Survey number of land
  • Ownership details (Changes included)
  • Mutation details
  • Credit details (pending loans) for buying fertilisers, pesticides and seeds
  • Area of land that is suitable for cultivation
  • Type of land- agricultural or non-agricultural
  • Type of irrigation on land- rain-fed or irrigated
  • Crop type cultivated in the last season
  • Details of litigations and status (if any)
  • Details of tax (paid and pending to be paid)Info. regarding:Nalasopara pin code

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7/12 utara: Benefits 

The 7/12 utara document is very useful in Maharashtra. Some of the benefits are:

  • Using online 7/12, you can know about the land type – agricultural or non-agricultural  and various activities that have been carried on that land.
  • Satbara utara is an important document that can be used as proof of ownership of the land
  • 7/12 document is needed by the SRO when you are involved in selling your land.
  • To get a loan from the bank or increase your farm credit, you need to submit 7/12 utara document to the bank.
  • In case of a legal dispute, you can use the 7/12 utara document in the court of law.

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7/12 online: How to apply?

You can apply for 7/12 online by logging on Aaple Sarkar website of Maharashtra on https://aaplesarkar.mahaonline.gov.in/en

Aaple Sarkar website

Create your 7/12 utara online profile with this portal to apply online for notified services by clicking on New User? Register here. You will reach https://aaplesarkar.mahaonline.gov.in/en/Registration/Register where you can choose either of the options and register yourself for online 7/12 by entering all required details.

Aaple sarkar registration

Once registered for 7/12 Maharashtra, login to the online 7/12 portal by entering user id and password. Then you will be led to the next page on online 7/12 portal where you have to select Revenue department and land record department from the drop down menu. Then, select Issuing 7/12 extract option from the list and click on proceed. Then, enter the details of 7/12 utara like applicant name, address, Aadhaar card number, email id and registered mobile number. Then go ahead and apply for 712 by entering details like district, taluk, city survey utara online number, GAT etc. Once done, you will see a preview of all details and if fine, click on submit. You will get your Maha Transcation ID in a pop-up window on the 7/12 utara online website which you have to note.

Once done, you will see the fee details to be paid for the 7/12 online application that has to be paid. Once 7/12 Maharashtra fees are paid, you can find your name in the revenue department 7/12 extract list.

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How can I get 7/12 extract online in Mumbai?

Once you have applied for 7/12 utara, you can check satbara online status on the Aaple Sarkar website.

Track your application


Click on Track your application and select revenue department from the drop down box. Then, select Revenue services, 7/12 extract and enter application id and click on go. You can see the status of the 7/12 utara on the website.

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7/12 online: How to get digital document on Mahabhulekh?

You can obtain the satbara online or 7/12 online from Mahabhulekh, the 7/12 utara online website. You can get the 7/12 utara Maharashtra by applying to the local tahsildar, mentioning the available description of the land and the purpose of seeking the 7 12 extract. You can also get the 7/12 utara details by applying through the government of Maharashtra’s website Mahabhulekh. You can get the 7/12 extract document easily, if you can provide the correct requisite details. If you are unable to find the 7/12  online details on Mahabhulekh, then, you may have to opt for a physical mode of application of 712.

How to get online satbara?  For obtaining the 7/12 online from Mahabhulekh, follow this process:

Step 1: Visit Mahabhulekh Portal

Step 2: Select region for 7/12 (for eg. 7/12 online Pune or 7/12 online Nashik) from the drop-down menu.

how to obtain 7/12 document


Step 3: Select 7/12 from the menu and choose the district from the drop-down list.

7/12 utara

Source: www.landsofmaharashtra.com

7/12 online: How to get digitally signed 7/12 in Maharashtra?

Step 1: Visit the Aaple Abhilekh Portal.

Step 2: Click on ‘New User Registration’ to register yourself to get digitally signed 712 utara property card. Submit all the requisite details and information asked for online satbara property card. Once you have registered yourself, login to the https://digitalsatbara.mahabhumi.gov.in/dslr portal that supports download of online 7/12 that is digitally signed.

Digitally signed 7/12

You can do a regular login by entering login id, password and captcha and clicking on login.

Alternatively, you can also do an OTP based login where you need to enter mobile number, and the OTP that you have received and click on verify OTP.

You will reach

7 12

Step 3: Select the district, taluka and village, choose between Ankit satbara and akshari satbara, enter the search survey no/gat no. and select survey no/ gat no. and proceed to download the digitally signed 7/12.

If you have clicked on ‘Do you know ULPIN’, then enter the ULPIN and verify and proceed to download digitally signed 7/12.

ULPIN stands for Unique Land Parcel Identification Number. ULPIN has a unique 11-digit number and is similar to Aadhar number. The ULPIN will be displayed on the on 7/12 extract document.

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Note that the database services on digitally signed 7/12 website was  under maintenance from August 12, 2023, 3 AM to August 13, 6AM.

7/12 Mahabhulekh: Refund policy

One has to make advance payment of the fee through Payment Gateway for duplicate distribution of records. If for some reason, the duplicate copy is not received even after paying the money, this amount can be used for getting another set of copy at any other time. This money can be used as  the deposit amount for requesting copies of other land related documents. However, this money will at no point be refunded.

7/12 extract: 20 gunthas of Jirayati field, 10 gunthas of irrigated field can be registered

In a bid to discourage fragmentation of  land, the Maha government had banned the registration of small lands.  This was in line with the Section 5 and Subsection 3 of the Act of 1947, that forbids land fragmentation of land and allows land unification.

However, since a large section of farmers own small lands, the Maharashtra government has made some changes that allows the registration of 20 guntha jirayati field and 10 guntha irrigated field.

Mahabhulekh: E-Hakk system launched for online 7/12 land record modification

MahaBhulekh can be modified online using the newly launched E-Hakk system. With this system, one can register heirs of the land and remove the deceased person’s name.  Using this one can load and unload 7/12 extracts.

With this online system in place, the need for applicants to go to the Talathi office to submit an application for the alteration of land records will be not required any more. As per media reports, already more than 2 crore online transactions have been recorded through the E-Hakk system.

Maharashtra to soon release the Vertical Property Card 

The Maharashtra State Government will soon launch the Vertical Property card that will ensure that all properties have clear title. Designed especially for flats and other vertical residences, the Vertical Property Card will include details such as Bhulekh or property ownership, carpet area and bank loans.

The Vertical Property Card will start with MahaRERA registered projects. This will be beneficial for flat owners on a plot in Maharashtra.

While there are state-issued property cards for urban areas and 7/11 extracts for rural areas that demarcate the land ownership rights of a person or multiple people, there are no documents to prove ownership of someone who owns a flat constructed on a plot. Vertical property card will help prove ownership.

Land records department Pune launches e-registration

The Pune land records department has launched e-registration with which change in property ownership can be made effective in 21 days. Previously, it used to take 50 days for this activity.  This new initiative will be extended to all parts of Maharashtra. Many offices in the state instead of issuing 7/12 extracts issued property card, which has to be updated from SRO always, making the process lengthy and confusing.

Under the new process, the Pune land records department will get latest details of the property transaction from IGR Maharashtra which will be verified. Next, a note will be made that will be shared with buyer, seller and public and a deadline of 15 days will be given for raising any objection.  Following this, the transaction will be recorded in property card for a fee, which can be downloaded by the buyer.

7/12 Mahabhulekh 2023 across Maharashtra locations

7/12 Utara Charges

Note that Rs 15 will be charged for download of each 7/12 and the amount will be deducted from the available balance. In case Rs 15 is deducted and the 7/12 could not be downloaded, you can download satbara from payment history option.  The satbara certificate will be there for 72 hours from the time of payment.

In the same way, you can download digitally signed 8A, online Ferfar and property card from the Mahabhumi portal and have updated records of your property.

Mahabhulekh: How to get digitally signed 8A in Maharashtra?

Log on to the digital satbara website and choose the Digitally Signed 8A. Enter district, taluka, village, enter khata no/ first name/middle name/ last name, make the payment and download the digitally signed 8A.

Digitally signed 8A

Mahabhulekh: How to get digitally signed EFerfar?

Log on to the digital satbara website and choose the Digitally Signed Eferfar. Enter district, taluka, village, mutation number, make the payment and download the digitally signed EFerfar.

712 Eferfar


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7/12 utara: Contents of Form VII

Mentioned are the details asked and filled in the 7/12 Form VII also known as Gaav Namuna Saat Adhikar Abhilekh Patrak or Record of Rights form. This is the upper part of the Mahabhulekh 7/12 form. In this part are recorded details of ownership, occupancy, tenancy, rights and liabilitis of holders, survey number, sub-division number, local field name, mutation number, land holder account number, name of the village and name of the taluka.

  • Gaav is village and refers to the name of the village where the land is located.
  • Taluka refers to a district’s sub-division where the land is located.
  • Bhumapan Kramank/Gut number is survey number or Gat no.. and refers to the land parcel’s survey number or Gat number.
  • Bhumapan kramankacha upbhivaag is the sub-division of survey number of land.
  • Bhudharana paddhiti or tenure refers to the tenure of the land.
  • Bhogvatadharanche nav stands for name of the occupant.
  • Khate Kramank is the account number of the land holder that one gets from the Khate Pustika.
  • Shetache sthanik naav refers to the local name of the field and can be anything that depicts the field like the shape of the field or anything that is unique about it.
  • Kudanche naav refers to name of the tenant.
  • Lagvadi yogya kshetr refers to the cultivable land area.
  • Khand stands for rent
  • Lagvadi yogya naslele refers to uncultivable land
  • Aakarni refers to assessment and here mentioned is the assessment tax that is charged on land.
  • Judi kivva vishesh akarni refers to tax paid by the person who has been given the land by the government.
  • Itar adhikar sections mentions the other rights. This has general information including land transfer restriction, holder’s liabilities, land encumbrances and various other rights linked to the land. Also, mentioned in this section are claims, restrictions, third party rights, obligations etc. and they should be checked with great attention before proceeding with any land transaction deal.

7/12 utara: Contents of Village Form XII

This is the lower part of the Mahabhulekh 7/12 form and includes the Form XII which is also known as Pikanchi Nondvahi or Register of crops. It is also known as Gaav Namuna 12. It includes types of crops that are grown, crop names, area the crops are spread, type of irrigation, details of cultivator and crop season.

Satbara form XII

Source: forestclearance.nic.in

In this Form XII which is a part of 7/12 extract,

  • Varsh refers to year when the crop was grown.
  • Hangaam refers to the crop season – if it is Rabi or Kharif season.
  • Pikanche naav means name of the crop that is grown.
  • Pika khalil Kshetra –The area under the crops is refered as this in Marathi.
  • It shows the area of land on which crops are grown. It is sub-divided into following categories:
  • Land not suitable for cultivation
  • Paani puravtyanche saadhan refers to source of irrigation.
  • Jal sinchan refers to if irrigation is using water or through rains.
  • Ajal sinchan refers to irrigation using something in the absence of water
  • Jamin kasnartache naav stands of the name of the cultivator
  • Shera refers to observations or comments that can be marked.Know about: Baner pin code 

Mahabhulekh: Contents of Village Form VI

Known as Register of Mutation, the village form VI includes historical land data- the change in ownership or title of land. The Form VI is also known as FerFar Patra on Mahabhulekh and includes all changes in the land including all the past owners, type of mutation, effect of mutation on the land – gift, mortgage, exchange etc.

To change the owner name on 7/12, one has to visit the Talathi office where the land is located. Submit a written application with changes to be made in the Maha bhulekh land records, fill the FerFar patra and pay the fees associated. Provide all supporting documents needed as proof for change of name in 7/12. The Talathi at the Bhumi Abhilekh Maharashtra office checks the form and also announces for any objection regarding the change and sets a date. If there is no objection raised the changes are incorporated. One can check the changes and the status on the e chavadi 7 12 portal at https://digitalsatbara.mahabhumi.gov.in/aaplichawdi/

A time period of 15 days is given by the Talathi in which any objection regarding name change in 7/12 if raised will be heard by the Talathi. If no objections are raised, the mutation entry will be made and the mutation will be confirmed. Once this is done, change of name in 7/12 will be recorded in record of rights (RoR).

7/12 utara: How to see Ferfar online on Aapli Chawdi?

One can see Ferfar online on the e chavadi 7 12 portal or the aaplichawdi at https://digitalsatbara.mahabhumi.gov.in/aaplichawdi/

Ferfar online_01

Enter the district, taluka, village, captcha and click on ‘Aapli Chavadi Paha’ on the e chavadi 7 12 portal.

You will see the following details, where you can see Ferfar number, type of Ferfar, date, last date for filing objection and survey/ Gat number.

Ferfar online_02

Click on view to Ferfar details online.

Ferfar online 3

Mahabhulekh: Contents of Village Form VIII A

Known as Holding Sheet of Khatedar, (land holder), Form VIII A covers various details such as name of village, taluka, district, survey number of the land, sub-division of the survey number, area of land, account number of the land holder, amount of assessment tax payable by the land holder, etc. Form VIII A is useful towards land revenue tax payment. It indicates responsibility of each person who have to pay the land tax.

Mahabhulekh: Malmatta Patrak or Property card

Obtained from Mahabhulekh, property card also known as Malmatta Patrak in Marathi is a record-of-right document that is certified by Maharashtra government. It is very important proof of ownership of property. While both satbara utara and property card are known as record of rights, 712 utara denotes ownership and agricultural details of land in rural area, property card denotes ownership in urban areas. You can download property card from Mahabhulekh 7/12 or get it from city survey offices.

Mahabhulekh: Why is property card important?

Discussed are the importance of property card.

  • Property card is important for any buyer who is investing in a property as it shows the details of owner of property that is located in an urban area in Maharashtra and can be used for verification purposes.
  • Property card tells about the ancestral lineage associated with the property which will help buyer note if there is any dispute before proceeding with the transaction.
  • Property card acts an important proof and is asked by most financial institutions and banks before closing a property deal.
  • It helps in detecting false claims made on any land thus helping the property owner from safeguarding his land from land grabbing.
  • In case of any legal problem, the property card can be used as document of proof and produced in the court.Know about: Virar west pin code

Mahabhulekh: Details on property card

Details on property card include

  • Name of district
  • Name of taulka
  • CTS number or the City Title Survey Number
  • Plot number
  • Land area
  • Land owner name
  • Ownership title changes
  • Record of mutation
  • Record of encumbrance
  • Loan from government organisation
  • Details of paid and unpaid tax on the land owned
  • Other commentsCheck out: Salem, Maharashtra 

How to get digitally signed property card in Maharashtra?

Step 1: Visit the Aaple Abhilekh Portal.

Step 2: Click on ‘New User Registration’ to register yourself to get digitally signed 712 utara property card. Submit all the requisite details and information asked for online satbara property card. Once you have registered yourself, login to the https://digitalsatbara.mahabhumi.gov.in/dslr portal that supports download of online property card that is digitally signed.

DIgitally signed 712

You can do a regular login by entering login id, password and captcha and clicking on login.

Alternatively, you can also do an OTP based login where you need to enter mobile number, and the OTP that you have received and click on verify OTP.

Login OTP

You will reach

7 12 property card

Step 3: Select the region, district, office and village. Enter Search CTS no and select CTS no. from dropdown box and once payment is done, click on Download.

If you check on the ‘Do you know ULPIN’, then enter the ULPIN and click on ‘Verify’ and proceed to download the digitally signed property card.

Property card ULPIN

Note: Property card download is currently free and no charges are applicable.

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7/12 online: How to make online payment for downloading digitally signed document?

While you can download the digitally signed Mahabhulekh 7/12, 8A document online, you need to make a marginal payment, to avail of this service on digital 7/12. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Visit the Aaple Abhilekh Portal.

Know all about the Mahabhulekh satbara utara or 7/12 extract

Step 2: Once you have registered yourself, login to the portal.

Step 3: First click on the ‘make online payment’ option.


Step 4: Enter the amount between Rs 15 and Rs 1,000. It is advised to make payment in multiples of 15.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button.

Step 6: Click on ‘Print Receipt’ and note down the PRN Number.

Step 7: Click on the ‘Continue’ button and select the document you want to download.

Once you receive a successful payment acknowledgement from the bank, you can check the balance on the website by clicking on the ‘Check Payment Status’. You will have to enter the PNR number and press submit.


Know all about the Mahabhulekh satbara utara or 7/12 extract

Mahabhulekh: Payment utilization history

You can check the payment utilization history by logging on the Digitally signed Mahabhulekh portal. Once you have logged in click on payment history. You can see details including date of download, defaced amount, district, taluka/office, village, document type, property number and download.

712 Payment

Mahabhulekh: Payment status

Mahabhulekh Payment Status

Check Payment status by clicking on Payment status and you can see details including PRN, Payment date, Amount and Status.

7/12 online: How to verify digitally signed satbara utara, 8A extract and property card? 

Property owners can also verify the digital 7/12 signed documents including 7/12 utara and 8A extract and property card. Since all these 7 12 online documents can be used for legal purposes, it is important that you verify the 7/12 extract before presenting it in a court of law.

Step 1: Visit the Aaple Abhilekh Portal.

Step 2: To verify the 7/12 utara, click on Verify 7/12.

Step 3: Next step to check in the 712 Maharashtra is to enter the verification number and click ‘submit’ as seen in the picture below. The results will be displayed on the screen.


Know all about the Mahabhulekh satbara utara or 7/12 extract


Additionally, to verify 8A extract, click on Verify 8A. 


Know all about the Mahabhulekh satbara utara or 7/12 extract


To verify the Ferfar, click on Verify Ferfar and enter the verification number.


To verify the Ferfar, click on Verify Ferfar and enter the verification number. To verify the property card, click on verify property card and enter the verification number


To verify the property card, click on Verify Property Card and enter the verification number.


Know all about the Mahabhulekh satbara utara or 7/12 extract

7/12 Mahabhulekh: Refund policy

One has to make advance payment of the fee through Payment Gateway for duplicate distribution of records. If for some reason, the duplicate copy is not received even after paying the money, this amount can be used for getting another set of copy at any other time. This money can be used as the deposit amount for requesting copies of other land related documents. However, this money will at no point be refunded.


7/12 utara: Property ID number for  Mumbai region

To know about property Id number for Mumbai region on https://pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in/, click on ‘clicking here’.  You will reach https://mcgm.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=3a5c0a98a75341b985c10700dec6c4b8

Property number_Satbara

Click on proceed. You can locate property using three options SAC no., CTS/CS no and FP no.

Property look up 712

7/12: Locate property with SAC No.

Here enter your SAC number and click on apply.

Property no SAC no.

7/12: Locate Land with CTS/CS No

Select ward, village division, CTS/ CS No. from drop down box and click on apply.

Property locate

You will see the result as shown below

7 12 property lookup results

7/12: Locate Plot with FP No

Select ward,TP Scheme, Final plot no from the drop down box and click on apply.

Locate property_123

You will see the result as shown below

7 12 property 123

7/12 utara: How to find CTS / Survey number

To find the CTS/Survey number go to https://mahabhumi.gov.in/mahabhumilink and click on ‘Find CTS/Survey Number’.

712 cts


To know your CTS number from survey number, click on survey number.

Know your cts

Select district, taluka, village from drop down box and enter search survey no, enter captcha and click on ‘Submit’ to know your CTS number.

To know survey number from CTS number, Click on CTS number.

Know your cts

Select District, Taluka, Village from drop down box. Enter the CTS no. Select the CTS no, enter Captcha and click on Submit.

7/12 utara: Property registration Public Data Entry (PDE)

7/12 Public Data Entry or PDE can be done in two ways

  • Data entry without login
  • Registered userCheck out: Flats Pune 

7/12 utara: How to apply for mutation (updation)?

 7/12 online mutation: Steps to follow

If the land owner finds any discrepancy or errors in the information in the online Mahabhulekh 7/12 and in the handwritten information in the 7/12 utara Maharashtra, he/she can apply for correction online. The errors may include:

  • Total area of ​​7/12 utara Maharashtra
  • Unit of area
  • Name of the account holder
  • Area of ​​the account holder

Here is how to apply for correction and updating of land records in 7/12 utara Maharashtra:

Step 1: Visit the E-Rights portal at  https://pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in/frmLogin and create an account by clicking on ‘Proceed to Login’ at the bottom of the page for 7/12 mutation.


Know all about the satbara utara 7/12 extract


Know all about the satbara utara 7/12 extract


Know all about the satbara utara 7/12 extract


Step 2: Login to the portal and select the ‘७/१२ Mutations’ option, to start land record 7/12 mutation entry.



Know all about the satbara utara 7/12 extract


Step 3: You will get a pop-up message requesting to select the proper ‘Role’ of the user in 7/12 utara Maharashtra. There are three roles in which data entry can be done: Citizen, Bank/society and Others. The applicant should be very sure before selecting the role in the 7/12 utara Maharashtra, because certain mutation types are restricted to specific roles only. For example, under the ‘Citizen’ role, one can do the following:

  • Add heirs
  • Remove the name of a guardian
  • Remove HUF name
  • Add/remove a will
  • Remove the name of a deceased person
  • Change the trustee name.


Step 4: Submit the details to register the changes made in the 7/12 utara Maharashtra land records.

Note that when you log on to the Public Data Entry (PDE) portal on https://pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in/frmLogin, complete the PDE and use the eStepin facility for registration. Doing this will prevent crowding at the SRO during this Coronavirus pandemic, thus, ensuring your safety. One can rebook the slot two times through eStepin at https://appl2igr.maharashtra.gov.in/TokenBooking/TokenBook.aspx. Any slot that has been booked for a particular day is valid for the entire day. Citizens are allowed to book slots on the same day, if there is an availability. 


Know all about the satbara utara 7/12 extract


Also, note that Mumbai suburban citizens can view the property card and get the name from the EPICS server during data entry.

7/12 offline mutation: Steps to follow

If you are unable to add or delete the name of heirs or new buyers in the Mahabhulekh 7/12 utara document online, it is important that you submit the request in person, at the tehsildar’s office. For this, attach a copy of the sale deed and 7/12 utara document downloaded from ‘Aaple Abhilekh’. Once approved, the mutation entry with regard to the 7/12 utara, will be taken in your name. For further guidance on 712 utara, you can also consult a property lawyer.

Note that no fees are to be paid for any mutation to be taken on RoR. For any official purposes, digitally signed RoRs are legally valid and there is no need for a physical paper copy.

7/12 utara: How to check mutation application status?

The mutation application status of 7/12 can be accessed by clicking on ‘Mutation application status’ on the Mahabhumi portal that can be accessed on https://mahabhumi.gov.in/mahabhumilink

You will reach the following page where you can check the mutation application status for 7/12 and property card.

Mahabhumi homepage

To check 7/12 mutation application status, you can choose the ‘By Mutation Number’ option where you have to enter

Mutation status

  • District
  • Taluka
  • Village
  • Mutation number
  • Captcha

and click on submit.

If you choose the ‘By Document Number’ option, you have to enter


  • District
  • Taluka
  • Village
  • SRO office
  • Enter year
  • Document number
  • Captcha

and click on submit.


This satbara utara page can be accessed in Marathi and English.

7/12 utara: Information on E-Peek Pahani mobile app

To register the crops, farmers can make use of the ‘E-Peek Pahani’ app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


Know all about the satbara utara 7/12 extract


Once downloaded, if you scroll to the left twice, you will get information on Satbara utara and 8-A. Firstly, register in the app by providing the required information and a login ID and password. Then, enter all the details about the area of land in hectares, the season, area for showing the crops, etc. and finally add the photo of the crop and submit the information. All the information provided will be scrutinised by the talathi officials and then, recorded on Satbara online.

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7/12 utara: How can I remove a name from Mahabhulekh?

To remove a name from Satbara utara Maharashtra, you have to contact the local tahsildar and provide him with supporting documents. For instance, if the purpose is dead, among other documents for name removal in 712 utara, you have to support is the death certificate of the person. Also, if the person whose name you are getting removed from the satbara utara Maharashtra, has legal heirs, then you have to get a no objection certificate from them before proceeding with removing the name from bhumiabhilekh 7 12.

What to do if name is removed from 7/12 utara or satbara utara Maharashtra fraudulently?

Firstly, you have to lodge a complaint with the Mahabhumi abhilek authorities because the name cannot be removed from the 7/12 utara Maharashtra or satbara utara Maharashtra without submission of valid documents to Mahabhumi 7 12. Also, experts suggest that even after the removal of a person’s name from mahabhumi abhilekh 7 12, the mutation entry in the 7/12 utara Maharashtra exists. By applying for access to the 712 mutation record, one can get to know of the documents that have been used for removing the name. If you are still not satisfied, you can apply for a certified copy of bhumiabhilekh 7 12 or 7/12 utara in the Tehsildar’s office and legally scan through the Mahabhulekh 7/12 copy and finally challenge it with legal help on the basis of your findings.

7/12 utara: Access to archived e-records

To access archived e-records on Emahabhumi, visit https://aapleabhilekh.mahabhumi.gov.in/erecords.

Satbara e-records archived document

Enter login id, password, captcha and click on login. If you don’t have a login id, create one by clicking on new user registration.

Before proceeding with downloading the archived documents from the e mahabhumi website, click on document availability list and the office wise documents type.

satbara document availability list

satbara office wise document

Once done, select the archived records from the e mahabhumi that you are looking for. Add the selected documents to the cart on e maha bhumi and finally download the document. Note that since these are scanned documents, there are no human errors and they are authentic.

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7/12 online: Process to get Civil court case information

There is an online facility that is provided by the Maharashtra government to check the 7/12 online civil court information.

Firstly, log on to the Mahabhumi website at https://mahabhumi.gov.in/mahabhumilink


Civil cases Mahabhulekh


Now click on ‘Civil court case status information on ROR’ on the homepage and you will reach https://mahabhumi.gov.in/mahabhumilink/eCourt/eCourt


Mahabhumi Mahabhulekh


Select 7/12 option and select details from drop down box such as District, Taluka, Village, Taluka, and Select Survey No./Gat No. Also, enter the Survey Number or GAT Number and click on search and you can see the civil court case status details.

Similar way, you can also check the civil court status information of property card by selecting property card at the top of the page.

Mahabhulekh Mahabhumi

Now, select region, district, office, village and CTS no from the drop down box and enter the CTS no and click on search. You will see the civil court case information with respect to property card on the screen.

MahaBhulekh 7 12 mobile app: Beware

Land owners should remain alert against various scam apps listed as MahaBhulekh 7 12 on the Google Play Store. There is NO OFFICIAL 7 12 Mahabhulekh MOBILE APP of MahaBhulekh portal except E-Peek Pahani mobile app and all the information required for the 7/12 online document, mutation, etc., should be searched on bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in only. These 7 12 Mahabhulekh mobile apps have been created by private entities and individuals, which could corrupt your mobile phone data or damage the device through malware.

MahaBhulekh: Latest news

NMC properties not included in  7/12 extract mandated to be added immediately

Chandrakant Pulkundwar, Municipal Commissioner, Nashik has ordered  six branches of Nashik Municipal Corporation namely Nashik East, Nashik West, Panchwati, CIDCO, Satpur and Nashik Road divisions to check if properties owned by Nashik Municipal Corporation was in the 7/12 extract, mentioned a ToI report. Pulkundwar instructed adding the land records immediately if they are found absent.

MahaBhulekh: Contact information

Mahabhulekh 7/12 can be contacted at:

Office of the Commissioner and Director Land Records,

3rd Floor, New Administrative Building, Opposite Council Hall, Pune

Tel: 020-26050006,

 e-mail: dlrmah.mah@nic.in

Any feedback for Mahabhulekh 7/12 can be mailed at help.mahabhumi@gmail.com


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How can you modify 7/12 land extracts without going to the Talathi office to submit an application?

You can log on to the E-Hakk system and modify the land records. This saves time as the need for going to Talathi office is not required.

How can I get old 7 12 in Maharashtra?

Old 7/12 Utara in Maharashtra can be obtained from the tehsildar office responsible for it.

How can I add a name in 7 12 Utara?

To add the name in 7 12 Utara, an application has to be submitted to the land record officer with the related property documents as proof. After the Talathi verifies and there is no objection, then the 7/12 records if there are no objections from the parties that may be affected by the change.

How to find out 7 12 Utara online in Maharashtra?

You can visit the Mahabhulekh to access 7 12 Utara online in Maharashtra.

How to download 7 12 8A Maharashtra online?

To download 7 12 8A Maharashtra online, click on download digitally signed facility

What is 7/12 utara?

The 7/12 utara is an extract from a land register, which gives complete details of a particular plot.

Where is 7/12 utara Maharashtra used?

7/12 utara Maharashtra works as a legal document. It is one of the important documents that banks ask for if you plan to raise a loan against such property.

How to obtain online 7/12 download ?

You can get 7/12 online from the Mahabhulekh 7/12 portal.

(With additional inputs from Amit Sethi)

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