6 a-ha moments from Inman Connect that’ll stick with you

Trainer and sales counselor Rachael Hite shares her takeaways from ICLV. Your team needs a deeper bench, and you need to keep your mind and heart open to new experiences to roll with the ever-changing tides of market conditions

No one can predict the future, but you can prepare. Find out what to prepare for and pick up the tools you’ll need at the immersive Virtual Inman Connect on Nov. 1-2, 2023. And don’t miss Inman Connect New York on Jan. 23-25, 2024, where AI, capital, and more will be center stage. Bet big on the roaring future, and join us at Connect.

Inman Connect Las Vegas wrapped on Friday. The measure of any great conference experience is the messages that stay with us after we leave: The messages that imprint on our hearts because they offer the validation we need to hear and the messages of friendship you receive when you connect with like-minded professionals.

What I took away from this ICLV is that agents are leaning heavily into service and skill building, but they don’t want fluff. Refreshingly fluff-free, judging by the hugs in the hallways, attendees had plenty of good vibes.

They don’t want to talk about how the market sucks; they want to talk about how to get more efficient. Agents want to have the bandwidth to roll with the changing tides of any moment in any market, and what they need to hear is that what they feel in their gut is right and that it’s OK to listen to it and pivot when needed.

Serving up real solutions, this Connect taught us that we need a deeper bench for our team and that more perspectives are the key to winning this market and preparing for the next shift in the tide.

Inman Connect isn’t vacation. It’s a critical retreat to build your business against your worst enemy — the echo chamber that is your office without new perspectives. Inman Connect is not just about sales coaching; it’s experts, analysts and new ideas that are designed to infuse your business with the fuel it needs to see the big picture.

You will find encouragement, rather than beratement about not working hard enough, which is invaluable in a tough market.

6 speakers who totally get 2023

Here are my top a-ha moments from Inman Connect Las Vegas, and the speakers who brought them to us:

  1. Brad Inman shared sweet pictures of his granddaughter and imagined her future: Bright and enhanced by A.I. This tech is not coming for our jobs but will be a tool to help us achieve better customer service and work-life balance. Artificial Intelligence is here to help us, not harm us
  2. Kendall Bonner took the stage with wit, wisdom and logic to tackle the tough issues of the major lawsuits that our industry is facing. She broke down the who, what and why and left us with some interesting thoughts that now is the perfect time for Stranger Things to happen. The lawsuits can be a cannon event for much-needed change
  3. Chelsea Pietz leaned into showing agents to get past the boring sales content and to make authentic relatable content so that your audience knows you before they even meet you in person.  How to make relatable and human-first content.
  4. Sharran Srivatsaa, president of The Real Brokerage, told agents to be wary when listening to advice from others. Sharran brought so much energy to the stage, it was contagious.  His fun and light-hearted approach to punching up your basic prospecting routine will be a fun, no-brainer way to prospect.
  5. Mike Delprete quoted Warren Buffet, “‘Only when the tide goes out, you discover who’s been swimming naked,’ and that’s where we are right now.” In his deep dive, he compared how this moment in our industry is very similar to when we left VHS and DVDs behind. We are in a moment in history that we will not soon forget. Blockbuster vs. Netflix
  6. Glennda Baker is always a delight, but in this beautiful and personal keynote, she encouraged agents to make their personal brand their biggest asset. Be yourself first.

Final thoughts

Personally, it was my first big conference post-pandemic. I couldn’t help thinking about the way things were and the way things are now. Most of my trip was deeply reflective. I know that the next year is going to be challenging for this industry, but I’m so inspired by the people who are working so hard to make it better.

People do care. Despite all the noise, our industry leaders care about making things better.

— Rachael Hite

You cannot do this alone, nor should you have to. Lean into your team, your tribe and get ready because 2024 will be the year that defines the lasting shift in our industry.

Rachael Hite is a former agent, a business development specialist, fair housing advocate, copy editor, and is currently perfecting her long game selling homes in a retirement community in Northern Virginia. You can connect with her about life, marketing, and business on Instagram.

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