4 Unique Furniture Pieces to Decorate Your Dining Room With

By Dixie Somers 

When you think of a dining room, you probably imagine a dining table, chairs and not much else. Obviously, the dining set is the most important factor, but what about the rest of the room? The way you decorate this space will set the tone for every meal, conversation and experience had at the table. If you enjoy entertaining, here are four unique furniture pieces that you may want to include in your dining room.

A Statement Light Fixture
Whether your style is rustic, modern or industrial chic, every dining room needs lighting. Consider choosing an overhead light fixture that provides a visual impact. Everyone loves a classic chandelier, which adds a luxe, romantic element to any room. A minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired piece with straight lines and monochrome tones is just as impactful. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits into the theme of the room without overpowering the surrounding decor.

A Bookshelf
A bookshelf in a dining room is unexpected but attractive to the eye. Place it near your table, but not as a central focal point; that’s the table’s job. As an added benefit, this piece of furniture also doubles as a storage space. Use it to display your collections, souvenirs, prized china, recipe books or other decor items, paying special attention to the spacing and grouping of the items on the shelf. A bookshelf full of mementos could prove to be a great conversation starter when you have new guests over for the first time.

A Bench
An unorthodox piece in a dining room, a bench can serve as emergency seating in a pinch. When it’s not in use, it can be pushed against the wall and piled with blankets, cushions or baskets to soften up your space and take on some storage. When it’s used for dining room furniture, it’s important to choose a bench that can withstand spilled food, spilled wine and sticky hands, so look for waterproof finishing or acrylic, stain-resistant upholstery. 

Natural Materials
These days, many interior designers like incorporating elements of nature to add textural interest to a room. You can achieve this yourself by choosing pieces made of natural wood or stone, such as a wooden footstool or a marble centerpiece. Wall and shelf decor, such as woven baskets, wood paneling, florals and leafy prints are other naturalistic textures that can be included in your decorating scheme to bring the outdoors in and make your space more inviting and natural. 

Before embarking on your decorating project, think carefully about how you intend to use the room. Is your dining room for guests only, formal dinners, casual mornings with coffee or all of the above? How many people will you be entertaining at a time? What’s your personal style, and how will you translate that into your surroundings? Once you set the intention, you will be able to narrow down the furniture pieces that will help you achieve your vision and make your space your own.

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.


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