Mississippi Capital

Home to the blues, hearty food, and captivating history, Mississippi, also known as the Magnolia State, has something in store for everyone. While Mississippi is full of greatness, every place has its drawbacks. Whether you’re looking at homes for sale in Jackson, apartments in Hattiesburg, or wondering if Mississippi is a good place to live, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten pros and cons of living in Mississippi before making this state your new home.

Mississippi Capital

Pros of living in Mississippi

1. You can get an affordable higher education 

Higher education is an expensive investment anywhere in the U.S. Still, compared to other states, Mississippi has a lower cost of higher education, perfect for anyone looking to stay on budget. Mississippi is the fifth-cheapest state for a college degree for out-of-state students, and even less for those already residing there. Community colleges and private universities can be found throughout the state and offer many options and opportunities for anyone interested. 

2. There are many affordable housing options available

Mississippi has relatively low housing costs compared to the rest of the country. The median home sale price is $244,000, and it’s even less if you look at areas outside the capital like Florence. Along with homes for sale, you’ll find affordable rent prices too. A two-bedroom apartment in Mississippi’s capital Jackson averages $962 compared to popular metros like Seattle, where you’ll find a two-bedroom averaging around $3,234.

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3. Mississippi is full of history

There are many great places to learn about America’s past, from museums to Civil War battlefields and the capital. Explore the antebellum architecture in the state, like Stanton Hall, which occupies an entire block in downtown Natchez. Or head to Vicksburg National Military Park, which preserves the site of the Civil War Battle of Vicksburg. You’ll learn about the past just about everywhere you go. 

4. Nature is abundant in this state

Take a walk through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains at Tishomingo State Park, and view the unique rock formations and trees. Or if you’re searching for amazing views, you’ll want to check out the Mississippi petrified forest. Located near Flora, this 36 million old forest will invite you to immerse yourself in wildflowers, pine, and cedar.

Mississippi swamp

5. Mississippi is a musical state

From jazz, bluegrass, country, gospel, and more, the Magnolia State has a deeply rooted history in music that is prevalent today. The blues originated in the state’s southern plantations and was carried throughout the Civil Rights Movement. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo in northern Mississippi, where he continued incorporating blues into his songs. You’ll find nightclubs and museums dedicated to the state’s ties with music all throughout the area.

Cons of living in Mississippi

1. Scorching heat and humidity in the summer

During the summer months, Mississippi ranks as one of the hottest and most humid places in the U.S. Temperatures range from mid to high 90s degrees Fahrenheit along with high humidity levels in May through September.

2. Prone to thunderstorms and flooding

The climate and location play a massive role in the risk of natural disasters in Mississippi – especially in the south. You’ll need to prepare for heavy rains that can lead to flooding, winds, and hailstorms. The hail in Mississippi can be massive and can cause damage to your or your property. Before moving to Mississippi, you’ll want to research the flood risk in your area and learn to storm proof your home. 

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3. Mississippi is a dangerous state to drive in

Mississippi can be a dangerous state to drive in due to its high number of rural roads. Rural roads are four times more dangerous than roads in the city, and Mississippi has many of them. 

4. Pesky bugs may be a nuisance in the summer

You’ll want to ensure you have your bug spray in the summer. Mosquitos, ticks, horseflies, deer flies, and more populate in the summer and there are bound to be pesky bugs that won’t leave you alone. To avoid these insects, you’ll want to steer clear of standing water like ponds, lakes, and swampy areas, where they’re sure to lay their eggs. If you want to limit these insects from your home, you’ll want to eliminate water sources and keep your trash locked up. 

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5. There is flesh-eating bacteria in the coastal waters

Although a rare occurrence, Mississippi is home to flesh-eating bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus which can be life-threatening. Vibrio vulnificus lives in warm coastal waters, so if you have open wounds, including cuts and scrapes, you should consider staying out of brackish water. You can also find these bacteria in raw seafood or its juices, so you’ll want to be cautious when eating these foods. 

The pros and cons of living in Mississippi: Bottom line

The Magnolia State is great for those looking for a more affordable place to live. Future residents will enjoy great music, beautiful scenery, and deep history. Although there are significant advantages to living here, there are cons to consider. So If you are thinking of relocating to this state, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of living in Mississippi to see if it aligns with you and your lifestyle. 

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